Other Support

Scottish Co-Investment Fund

The Scottish Co-Investment Fund (SCF) is designed to address a finance gap alongside our accredited co-investment partners. Investment can be made in companies from start-up to growth and expansion into new products and/or markets.

Through this fund, we can match accredited investment partners up to a maximum of 50% of the total funding package on a commercial basis. We can provide from £1,000 up to £1.5 million, as part of a deal size ranging from £20,000 to £10 million.

Scottish Venture Fund

The Scottish Venture Fund invest in companies from start-ups, early-stage to expanding businesses seeking funding to develop products and/or markets. We can provide from £10,000 up to £2 million, as part of a total deal size ranging from £20,000 to £10 million.

Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland are tasked with catalysing real and positive change in Scotland's skill performance by linking skills supply and demand more effectively and helping people and organisations learn, develop and utilise skills to greater effect.

Small Business Bonus Scheme

Tens of thousands of small businesses will continue to pay no rates at all under the Scottish Government's small business bonus scheme.

Home Loans Scheme

In an effort to boost the local economy and address the credit crunch, Dundee City Council is introducing a mortgage scheme for first time buyers of council owned housing stock.

Scottish Assessors Association

The SAA Portal provides all Scotland Valuation Rolls & Council Tax Lists online.

PACE (Partnership Action for Continuing Employment)

Scottish Government's national strategic partnership framework for responsing to redundancy situations.

Prepare for Brexit

Use this Brexit self-assessment tool  to help identify what you can do now to ready your company for business post Brexit.