Smart City

Work with Smart Dundee

Dundee is a member of the Scottish Cities Alliance and Smart Cities Scotland. The city joins Scotland’s other cities in exploring how data, emerging technology and digital connectivity can be used to transform the way people live, work and travel.

The Smart Dundee programme is working with cutting edge tech businesses and welcomes opportunities to collaborate.

Smart technologies are evolving rapidly and are being harnessed to help grow Dundee’s economic strength and future sustainability.

Dundee City Council is working with stakeholders and partners including universities and technology businesses to identify smart ways to tackle challenges like transport and air quality.

Seabraes Bridge at night

The city leads on four projects across Open Data, Waste, Public Safety and Mobility  as part of the Smart Cities Programme led by Glasgow City Council. Dundee city council is also improving the city’s digital infrastructure with better broadband, free public WiFi and wider mobile coverage.

Urban Foresight is a consultancy working with the council on its mobility project that got underway with the creation of the MILL, a Mobile Innovation Living Laboratory to establish Dundee as a test bed for smart mobility solutions that is looking at areas such as mobility services and smart parking.

 The projects are jointly funded by the European Regional Development Programme. The Scottish Cities Alliance is a collaboration of Scotland’s seven cities and the Scottish Government to invest in infrastructure.

What is a smart city? 

Digital technology is everywhere and is a key enabler of every aspect of life from work to travel,  leisure to health. Smart cities technology is about innovation, using digital connectivity and data to deliver solutions for city challenges like:

Transport: making travel easier, reducing congestion, and exploring intelligent mobility

Environment: improving the quality of air, water and energy and managing waste

Healthcare: looking after a diverse population

Lifestyle: improving quality of life

As a smart city Dundee is working to ensure availability of the infrastructure needed to collect and analyse data that can be used to inform, develop and deliver innovative solutions.

What’s on the horizon?

Over the next three years, the wider work of the programme will cover:

  • Better travel and transport information for journeys
  • Easier payment options including integrated ticketing and online payments
  • Smarter signalling
  • Monitoring of air quality
  • Driverless vehicles