Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) supports the development and delivery of innovation across the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sectors.

This second Innovation Challenge will exploit Dundee’s reputation for innovative electric vehicle implementation by delivering new models for personal transport and commuting whilst addressing the Scottish Government’s challenging Net Zero targets for transport.

The MSIP Innovation Challenge 2 is a competition designed to support companies to test or demonstrate their products, processes, services or business models in Demand Responsive Transport/Mobility as a Service or Electric Vehicle Charging at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc.

For this challenge, MSIP are working closely with the Scottish Innovation Ecosystem partners, The Data Lab and CENSIS to leverage additional benefits into successful projects. Successful projects will use MSIP as a location to:
1. test and demonstrate innovative products, processes, and services.
2. validate new and disruptive business models.
3. create employment opportunities.

Successful Innovation Challenge 2 projects can include new hardware, software, or service technologies as well as projects designed to encourage modal shift. Aligned with our partners innovation objectives, we are also looking for projects with a clear focus on the use of data and data science or the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors. Proposals addressing the transfer of learners to and from the MSIP Skills Academy and those addressing the “A CAV Roadmap for Scotland” are encouraged.

To find out more about the application process, guidance and FAQs please click here.

Applications close 11am, 17th November 2022.