NCR Dundee: ‘Spectacular’ city graduate talent leads to major jobs boost

NCR has recruited a record number of graduates and interns in a jobs boost for its major Dundee facility. A total of 57 new recruits joined the ATM and self service giant’s Dundee workforce this week taking the team beyond 600.

NCR has a key research and development centre of excellence in Dundee.

Anas Smaali, university relations leader for Europe, says: “This is the highest number we’ve ever hired in Dundee. That’s across various different business areas, predominantly software, hardware, engineering, finance and marketing.

“The talent in Dundee is spectacular. We want people to test the status quo we have within our building."

“They will help to drive NCR to where we want to be which is a software and serviced led enterprise.”

Anas pointed to NCR’s strong links with local universities and said virtual career fair events helped it reach more students.


NCR Dundee is known globally for its innovations with ATM machines. But it is making a transition from being a predominantly hardware company to one focused on software and services. NCR technology is behind many contactless payment systems. Its self-service machines are in all the Big Four supermarkets in the UK.

A new services training facility for Europe will be established within the Dundee building within the next year.

Adam Crighton is a Vice President with NCR and heads up NCR Dundee.

He says “We are investing in many functions but leading with software and services. We are expanding our software team and the services engineering team is a brand new team.
We are also establishing a brand new services training facility for Europe in Dundee.”

NCR recruiting next generation of leaders

The graduates will undertake a 12-month learning curriculum which will allow them to focus on areas of interest.

Dundee-based HR director Kerry Hume said:

“Graduates are very important to NCR. Every time a manager wants to open up a job I say ‘have you thought about a graduate? It’s my responsibility to bring the next generation of leaders into NCR.”

This is NCR’s latest ATM that was developed in Dundee.