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Why Dundee City Region?

Our region is home to some of the world's most distinguished research facilities and pioneering companies that lead in various sectors.  Business events are critical in triggering innovation and collaboration, providing a platform for local and international experts to convene and devise solutions to common challenges.

We firmly believe business events are crucial in encouraging and facilitating meaningful interactions.  Such events contribute to the growth of the economy and the progress of society as a whole. These gatherings provide a platform where individuals can come together, share ideas, and establish valuable connections that can significantly impact their fields.  We acknowledge the significance of such meetings and are dedicated to ensuring they are conducted professionally and productively, benefiting all participants.

The Pathfinders Programme recognises the importance in hosting conferences and meetings to raise the profile of the work of the leading institute/s and industry sectors, to advance research and support and widen the opportunity for vital collaboration that could lead to securing future funding and investment to continue research and educational development. 

There is a strong support structure in place for individuals and organisations considering bidding for, and hosting, national or international meetings through the experience of the Dundee City Region Convention Bureau and a network of professional industry partners.  The Bureau work closely with the region’s leading academic institutions to include University of Dundee, Abertay University, The James Hutton Institute, NHS Tayside, Perth College UHI and University of St Andrews to attract progressive events which showcase pioneering, creative and innovative thinking, and our dynamic environment through our Pathfinder Partnership Programme and to support any events looking to host their meeting in the region. 

Business events can be a formidable platform for organisations, institutions, delegates, and communities worldwide.  By addressing issues such as climate change, social inequality, food poverty, and human rights, these events can raise awareness and advocate for those who are affected by these challenges.
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The Dundee City Region Convention Bureau and its partners collaborate with VisitScotland Business Events to showcase Scotland.

Scotland is a place where countless journeys start, fuelled by our pioneering spirit, dedication to equality, and continuous pursuit of progress. We firmly believe that business events play a vital role in bringing about social change.  By working together to overcome obstacles, we can build a brighter future.

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Dundee City Council work in partnership with a number of key agencies to deliver the level of support required, such as:

Business Gateway

Business Gateway Tayside offers expert support and guidance to new and existing businesses and operates in partnership with other professional organisations.

Scottish Development International (SDI)

SDI provides a range of services to help your company discover all the benefits of investing in Scotland.

Scottish Enterprise

Scotland's main economic, enterprise, innovation and investment agency. Scottish Enterprise provides a range of funding opportunities for start-up businesses with the potential for high growth.

Chamber of Commerce

Helping local businesses connect, communicate and develop