Business Grants

Dundee Development Grant

The grant is delivered through Business Gateway Dundee and has been designed to encourage those who want to start their own business to take the next step and formalise their business ideas.

​Available to a maximum of £2,250 or 20% of overall cost of any project that will result in the creation of a new business that leads to at least one full time employee in the city.

Overseas Market Development Grant

Dundee City Council's Economic Development Department operates a scheme of financial assistance in the form of a grant aimed at assisting and encouraging Dundee companies to access new overseas markets.

​The grant award is based on eligible expenses capped at £1,000.

Regional Selective Assistance (RSA)

As an assisted area, Dundee benefits from financial incentives aimed at encouraging investment and job creation of all sizes in designated areas of Scotland. RSA in Dundee can provide up to 15% assistance on capital expenditure. Small and medium businesses may also be eligible for an additional top-up grant (10% small and 20% medium).

Make it to Market Grant

The grant is delivered through Scottish Enterprise and assists with the preparation or launch of products or services to international markets. Subject to criteria, the grant can contribute up to 70% of costs between £2,000 and £5,000.


This grant is targeted at SMEs based in Scotland and helps in the undertaking of technical feasibility studies, research and development that have a commercial end point. The grant can support up to 70% of the eligible costs for a small SME and up to 60% of the costs of a medium SME.

E-Zone Start-Up Grant

The grant, up to a maximum of £750 (discretionary award), forms part of a business start-up support package to assist individuals facing financial and social challenges that prevent them from starting a business. Applicants must both reside in and locate their business in Dundee.