ICA CCR 2024 Global and European Cooperative Research Conference

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We are delighted to announce that the ICA CCR 2024 Global and European Cooperative Research Conference will be hosted by University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland between 24 - 26 June 2024.

Dundee is set to host ICA CCR 2024 Global and European Cooperative Research Conference

With previous destinations including Leaven, Paris, and Athens, the ICA CCR 2024 European Cooperative Research Conference is all set to come to Dundee in 2024.  And working with the Dundee City Region Convention Bureau (DCRCB) has enabled the team to showcase exactly why the Dundee City region is the perfect location.  

Held annually, the conference is the key European research conference of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).  It brings together some of the world’s leading scholars, practitioners and policymakers working in the area of member-owned organisations, which represents amongst the most important firms in the world in a number of key sectors inclusive of agriculture, banking and finance, and retail, and represents a large fraction of the worlds consumers.

Throughout 2023, DCRCB worked closely with the event organisers, led by Professor Morris Altman (profile) from the University of Dundee, bring the ICA CCR 2024 European Co-operative Research Conference to the region. This included compiling the initial event bid, identifying the right venue, and leading on the logistics to create the optimum delegate and speaker experience.  

Having this conference is important given the significance of member-owned organisations in Scotland and, more generally in the UK.  This conference will allow us to better facilitate our highlighting UK experts and insights from industry and the networking  between UK experts and colleagues from the rest of Europe and around the world.  We also be able to publicise and celebrate the Business School’s new and unique partnership with the Co-operative College UK to provide quality education to co-operators in the UK and around the world.

Around 200 delegates from around the world are expected to attend the three-day conference event (24 - 26 June 2024), which will be hosted at the Dalhousie building, University of Dundee.  And estimates have already put the positive impact of the event on the local economy at just over £273,000 (not including extended stays).  

Professor Morris Altman said winning the bid to host ICA CCR 2024 highlights the ability of both the city and the university to organise a major research conference.  He also welcomed the opportunity to work with DCRCB again to bring the event to the region.  

“Without this outside support, it would not have been possible to organise such a large event. We are in the midst of planning for the 2024 European Co-operative Research Conference, an international meeting that is set to welcome over 200 delegates for 3 days, we are looking forward to another very successful conference,” he explained. 

“What the Convention Bureau has to offer is very much about its employees and leadership. Thus far my experience and that of my team has been second to none.” 

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